Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Written Word

The Little Old Lady who Broke All the Rules
By Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

I have just finished reading this fantastic book by Swedish author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. I found it when I was looking around a small book shop in Grasmere. When I was younger I read 'Harry and the Wrinklies' by Alan Temperely - a fabulous book itself, albeit a child's novel - and was struck by its blurb, which was very similar.

The story features 79 year old Martha Anderson who, along with her cronies, is bored with life at her retirement home. She longs for a bit of adventure and feels that life in a prison would ultimately be better than at Diamond house, her current residency. She plots many crimes with her friends which result in some fantastic, fun-filled adventures. Some of the plots within the story are a little far fetched but I really enjoyed the read and would look in to more of Ingelman-Sundberg's novels in the future!

To the Lakes and Back

Summer 2013, what happy memories.
I am afraid this is a late post but with Summer 2014 on the way I am currently remembering how fantastic last summer was. After graduating, and securing my first full-time job for September, I spent the months of June, July and August with my family and friends taking in the beautiful sights of Coniston, Conwy and Lake Garda.

Early evening on the jetty
I first went for a week away with my family and a friend to a little caravan site on the lake of Coniston. It is such a picturesque place and the sun appeared towards the end of our visit. I will remember this holiday as one of pure relaxation. We spent the days on walks around the countryside and the little villages around Coniston and the evenings sat in the sun eating fish and chips on the shore. Heaven! I have included a few pictures below.

A boat off on an evening float
Overlooking a Wedding on the far side of Coniston
After returning from Coniston, when the weather was fantastic, I then went camping with some friends in Conwy. We stayed for a week on a camp site just outside of Conwy, which was very quiet at the time. Whilst there we went white water rafting, quad bike trekking and gorge walking. All activities were great fun and I would recommend them to anyone.

Towards the end of the summer I went on a family holiday to Lake Garda in Italy. We went for a friends' wedding and then spent two weeks there. We hadn't been on a family holiday for a long time and were all looking forward to it. My parents travelled up there with the caravan, something my dad wasn't struck on, and I and my two sisters flew with some friends a few days later. The wedding was held in the stunning port of Salo and we had a wonderful time. We also visited Verona, Venice and Brescia during our stay. Italy is a fantastic place and I hope that we have the chance of going again soon.

In Brescia

View from the camp site

In Verona

Juliet's Wall

After our ferry trip


All aboard

Our ride upon a gondola

Isola del Garda
Summer 2013 was filled with fun, love and laughter. One I will remember for years to come and it would not have been as brilliant without my loving family and friends (and the weather!)